Atienza says survey shows that people reject HB 3773

January 8, 2010 10:46 pm 

MANILA, Jan. 8 — "Stop blackmailing the government and stop fooling the people!"

This was the strong statement given on Friday by Pro-Life Philippines president Lito Atienza to Rep. Edcel Lagman and other proponents of the controversial Reproductive Health Bill (HB 3773) during a press conference at Casino Español in Manila where he appeared with the Alliance of Family Life Organizations (AFLO). Atienza presented the result of a survey commissioned by AFLO showing an overwhelming 92 percent rejection of the “anti-life measure” by Filipinos.

According to Atienza, some 500 respondents participated in the survey conducted by HB&A International Research (affiliated with Louis Harris & Associates for technology transfer) and Asia Research Organization (affiliate of Gallup International) from December 2 to 9 in 16 cities and one municipality in Metro Manila.

Atienza added that the survey showed nine out of 10 Filipinos want Congress to reject outright the RH Bill, which is also being opposed by the Catholic Church and other religious and pro-life groups.

“When Filipinos were asked about the true provisions of the proposed legislation, they overwhelmingly do not agree,” Atienza pointed out.

For his part, AFLO chairman Lito Sandejas said that 90 percent or more of those surveyed are also not in favor with the salient points of the RH bill, which include teaching children aged 10 to 11 to learn sex techniques with vivid pictures from male and female teachers who will explain only the biological and technical aspects of sex.

Sandejas added that 94 percent reject the idea as well of Congress passing a bill that will make available to young children and young teens artificial birth control methods even without parental consent, giving them access to condoms, intra-uterine devices, birth control pills and other abortifacient, and the worse part is, doctors and health workers could be jailed if they refuse them.

At the same time, 96 percent of those surveyed reject the passing of a legislation that would encourage a contraceptive mentality that will lead to an abortive mentality.

The respondents too are against the proposal that would allow one’s spouse to undergo vasectomy/tubal ligation without prior consent as required by law and 91 percent believe that the government should not allocate extra funds to buy birth control pills and condoms to the detriment of other essential medicines.

It will be recalled that Atienza has been firmly pointing out that the RH Bill is a mere “alibi for failure” and what the country and Filipinos need to ensure economic progress is a good and effective government free from graft and corruption.

As former Environment and Natural Resources secretary, Atienza has stressed that “we are blessed as a country and as a people endowed with rich natural resources which could sustain a healthy growing population, if properly managed.” (PNA) vcs/JES


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