City Hall enforces new system to gauge employees’ performance

January 7, 2010 11:02 pm 

DUMAGUETE CITY, Jan. 7 — The city government of Dumaguete is seriously implementing this year policies on calibration of performance outputs of all its employees.

City Administrator Engr. Dominador Dumalag, Jr. said this is part and parcel of the more than three years of continuous capability building and highly empowering employees of the city government, being the lead agency of governance in this part of the country.

This will be implemented for the public to understand and erase perceptions that many of its employees are paid without commensurate work undertaken.

The new system will enable city managers to calibrate the performance of its employees. In return, the city’s “performing assets” will also earn points, Engr. Dumalag pointed out.

He explained that points earned by the employees can be used in upgrading their work status including promotions, while non-performing employees will be given time to be empowered and capacitated to attain the city’s vision.

During Wednesday’s one-day workshop, Dumalag explained the performance of city hall employees from utility personnel, drivers, messengers up to department heads will be accounted for everyday, monitoring of which will be undertaken by departments.

The city government’s performance indicator is the high income that it has generated the past year because of teamwork and cooperation among its employees.

Dumalag enjoins all department heads to function as level managers for it claim there is governance in the city because of community participation.

He said the tracking system and personal rating of employees were tried before but these was found to be less-effective and the results could be doctored. (PNA) LAP/jfp/Juancho Gallarde


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