'Gibo' vows to upgrade barangay health services

January 3, 2010 11:57 am 

MANILA, Jan. 3 –Realizing the valuable subsidiary role being played by barangay health workers in extending free medical care to the country’s marginalized sector, Lakas-Kampi-CMD standard bearer Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro Jr. has pledged to further improve its services and standardize the knowledge of its personnel, if he is elected to the presidency in 2010.

“Our barangay health workers play a vital role in dispensing free medical aid to our needy countrymen, especially those living in far-flung areas. We hope to improve their (barangay health workers) standard and training by providing them with more development funds,” Teodoro told Valenzuela residents during a recent visit to the northern Metro Manila city.

He also vowed to provide barangay health workers with more incentives as reward for their sterling services and encourage them to work harder for their respective communities.

“We will look into the possibility of giving them more cash and other material benefits. They strongly deserve such rewards for their exemplary services to the public,” Teodoro said.

He also praised the sector for its efforts in insuring that even the poorest of the poor in the country will have the necessary medical care should they fall ill.

The Lakas-Kampi-CMD bet earlier noted that lack of medical facilities is one of the factors contributing to the instability in Maguindanao province.

Teodoro, who is a former Defense secretary, said that this is now the time to provide Maguindanao's marginalized sector with quality health care as this can prove instrumental in saving the lives of many poor children there.

“We all have been harping about the need to develop the rural regions in order to make them our partners in our economic progress. But it would also be ideal if we would allocate sufficient resources to these provinces to enable them to construct more hospitals and medical facilities to treat their poor compatriots,” Teodoro stressed.

The Lakas presidential bet added that giving Maguindanao’s poor folk access to quality health care is also an effective tool in reducing crime incidence in the province.

Teodoro stated that funds for modern health facilities can be easily obtained with the assistance of the pork-barrel funds of congressional representatives. (PNA)



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