News agencies post least computer use among content, media players

January 1, 2010 2:03 pm 

MANILA, Jan. 1 – Computer and other related hardware use across the Philippine continent and media sector was the least among establishments handling news agency activities in 2008.

Preliminary data from the National Statistics Office (NSO) released this week show only 66.7 percent of such establishments then used computers and other hardware for information and communication technology (ICT).

This is below the 89 percent average level NSO reported for the sector’s sub-group composed of motion picture, video and television program production as well as sound recording, music publishing activities and news agency activities.

”Industries under the content and media sector are those which produce goods and services primarily intended to inform, educate and/or entertain humans through mass communication media,” NSO said.

The NSO noted these industries in 2008 engaged in producing, publishing and/or distributing content or messages in the form of information, cultural and entertainment products.

Data show percentages for motion picture and video production distribution, excluding animation (89.7 percent), radio broadcasting and relay station and studios (95 percent) as well as television broadcasting and relay stations and studios, including closed circuit television services (89.5 percent), were higher than those for either the sub-group itself or news agency activities that year.

Sound recording activities (75 percent) as well as motion picture, audio and video projection (71.7 percent) registered percentages below the sub-group’s level but these were still higher than what news agencies activities posted then.

The sub-group’s other players reported 100 percent use of computers and other ICT-related hardware during the reference year, however.

These players were engaged in animated films and cartoon production, motion picture and videotape/compact disc distribution, radio and television program production as well as recording or taping of sound.

NSO data also show 2008 computer and hardware use in publishing activities, content and media sector’s second sub-group, exceeded the level for news agency activities then.

That year, this second sub-group registered 93.4 percent level of use.

Levels for such sub-group’s players were also higher than what news agencies posted during the reference period.

These players engaged in publishing of books, brochures and other publications (90 percent), publishing of newspapers, journals and periodicals (97.1 percent), publishing of music (88.9 percent), other publishing (100 percent) as well as publishing and printing activities (85.7 percent).

The NSO likewise reported the content and media sector posted a 90.1 percent level of computer and hardware use in 2008.

This nearly approximates the ICT sector’s 90.2 percent level then.

Industries under the ICT sector are those that fulfill and/or enable processing, communicating, transmitting and displaying information through electronic means, NSO said.

”It excludes industries which create the information,” the NSO clarified.

The NSO said both sectors comprise the country’s information economy (IE).

”IE is a term used to describe the economic and social value created through ability to rapidly exchange information at any time, anywhere to anyone,” NSO said.

The NSO noted IE is marked by business establishments’ “intensive use” of ICT for collecting, storing, processing and transmitting information.

Last year, the NSO conducted its second Survey on ICT.

This was aimed at generating information on availability, distribution and access/utilization of ICT among establishments nationwide.

The NSO said such survey covered nearly 10,000 establishments. (PNA)



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