Subic to introduce road train

December 29, 2009 1:02 pm 

By Lynda B. Valencia

MANILA, Dec. 29 — From naval operations since the US navy took over Subic until it was given up to gain commercial interest to date as a Freeport, the facility had been blessed to obtaining its many first from ship repair to port operation.

This time, the Subic Freeport is to introduce another first in the Philippines when it started to utilize the road train tracking system.

The system is part of its effort to efficiently transport more cargoes in the nearby Clark special economic zone.

The use of trailer lorry dollies on the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway will translate big savings to shippers and more efficient means of transporting cargoes, said Armand Arreza, administrator of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA).

SBMA assured that the trailer dollies would attract not only investors and users in Subic and Clark Freeport zones, but other shippers from Central and Northern Luzon as well.

Arreza stressed that the trailer dollies would lower freight cost since two or more trailers can now be connected to main trailer.

The road-train tracking is to be introduced by a Subic- registered enterprise, the International Heavy Trucks Center (IHTC).

The system has been quite popular among shippers and port stakeholders in the US, Canada, Argentina, Mexico and Australia.

The road-train consists of a conventional tractor pulling not just one trailer, but two or three using a trailer truck dolly.

A trailer dolly is a single-axled articulated fifth wheel that connects two or three trailers pulled by a tractor head.

IHTC said that the new transport concept will be used only in the SCTEx, which connects the three ports of Clark and Subic because the road leading to the ports of Subic and Clark are wider and hardly have any traffic problem.

The said road-train will be launched before the end of this year. (PNA)



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