(Metro News) QC officials inspect water refilling stations to ensure safety

December 27, 2009 11:59 pm 

MANILA, Dec. 27 – The Quezon City government on Sunday began doing surprise inspections on all water refilling stations in the city to prevent the sale of contaminated water to the public.

This developed after the QC Health Department monitored the high demand for mineral and purified water this holiday season.

QC Vice Mayor Herbert Bautista expressed disgust over the practice of unscrupulous traders who pass off regular drinking water as purified, distilled or mineral water, duping consumers and even threatening their health.

Bautista said he has also received complaints that some bottles containing supposed mineral or distilled water being sold to the public are either cloudy and their content has unpleasant smell.

He said personnel of water-refilling stations should be in uniform while their premises should always be clean to ensure that the water they sell is as hygienic as possible to ensure public safety.

The Quezon City vice mayor said he will also look into reports that many water-refilling stations, in order to make huge profits, rarely change their filters, thus putting public health at high risk.

To ensure that only safe drinking water is sold, Bautista said the crew and even the owners of water-refilling stations should undergo regular seminars wherein business ethics should be emphasized.

He noted that some businessmen engaged in the water delivery business may be aware of the methods of keeping their product safe but deliberately violate the safety measures to maximize profit even if it puts the public’s health at risk. (PNA)



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