Kalayaan sa Barangay Program serves more than 800 villages

December 26, 2009 10:36 pm 

MANILA, Dec. 26 – The Armed Forces of the Philippines’ (AFP) Kalayaan sa Barangay Program (KBP) has undertaken nearly 2,000 projects benefiting more than 800 barangays in various parts of the country.

AFP Civil Relations Service (CRS) chief Brig. Gen. Francisco Cruz Jr. said that by transforming one community at a time, the KBP had taken great strides in bringing progress to the countryside, especially to conflict-affected areas and significantly contributing to national development.

Now under the National Development and Support Command (NADESCOM), the KBP has become an AFP developmental flagship, launching a total of 1,750 projects to an aggregate of 801 barangays all over the country as beneficiaries.

In Camarines Sur alone, 120 various projects were assigned to the area in 2009, of which 43 percent are on-going while the rest are either completed or yet to be started.

KBP projects include the construction of school-buildings, health centers and water systems; the paving of farm-to-market roads; introduction of electrification projects; building of spillways and covered path-walks; and installation of street lights, among others.

From 2005-2007, a total of 501 projects have been implemented; while there are 663 projects aligned last year. Exactly 153 projects were provided to Samar Provinces in 2008, with 54 percent of these already completed.

Most projects were relegated to the construction of school-buildings, with a total of 552 projects either completed, on-going, or yet to be started.

This is followed by farm-to-market roads with 442 projects aligned in different areas in the country.

Since its launching in 2005, Cruz said that KBP development projects quickly sprouted in various areas, as part of the government’s convergence of efforts, to address conflict-affected areas through community improvement and delivery of basic services; and transform them into peace and development communities.

KBP projects were also immediately slated in insurgency-affected areas such as that of Albay and Sorsogon with a total of 105 projects in these two provinces alone.

Merely four years after its launching, the KBP has already carved milestones in the hearts of its beneficiaries.

Barangay (village) Kanlurang Bukal in Liliw, Laguna is one of the beneficiaries of the 10-kilometer farm-to-market road paved in the area. By placing farm-to-market roads in similar far flung areas, the KBP helped stimulate economic activities for farmers and contribute to an easier transportation of crops; as well as cultivate connectivity with neighboring areas.

“Indeed, we take our role in national development very seriously. For our soldiers, we don’t just build an ordinary school, road or health center; we build communities,” Cruz said.

With about 308 more projects remaining in 2009 and to commence early next year; and more slated for 2010, we can expect more deliveries from the KBP, said Cruz.

“Through the KBP of the NADESCOM, and working through a dynamic system of shared partnerships with local leaders, NGOs, and other government agencies, we will continue to transform conflict-affected areas into a safer and more sustainable community for its residents,” said Cruz. (PNA) RMA/MM


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