State workers to get bonuses on time — Palace

December 23, 2009 11:10 pm 

MANILA, Dec. 23 — Malacanang said on Wednesday the promised P7,000 to P10,000 cash gift for state workers will be available anytime before Christmas.

In a media briefing, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya has approved the release of the P7,000 under the performance enhancement incentive (PEI) per employee to be augmented by the P3,000 savings from their respective departments.

“The funds are already available,” Ermita said. “If they (the departments) can coordinate with the banks today and tomorrow they should be able to get this.”

Ermita assured the state workers, especially public school teachers — who reports said stormed the Department of Education office in Pasig City this morning — “this is not an empty promise.”

“When I was a paratrooper we were promised 50 percent additional for every jump. The increase is not given at once so after three months it piles up and we get something very substantial in the end,” Ermita said.

He explained that the delays are due to paper work. At the end of the year, DBM looks into the fiscal situation of government and ensures that there are available funds for such special incentives.”

“It would be more difficult and frustrating if DBM promises such funds and finds out there is nothing to release to the employees,” Ermita said. (PNA)



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