Tantular's assets abroad must be returned for Antaboga investors

November 30, 2009 11:40 am 

JAKARTA, Nov. 30 — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Attorney General's Office (AGO), and the police must be able to retrieve stolen assets stashed abroad by Robert Tantular worth about Rp11 trillion, a legislator said.

"The assets deposited by Robert Tantular in several countries should be retrieved and returned to the investors of Antaboga Delta Securitas," Achsanul Qosasih, deputy chairman of the House of Representatives' (DPR) Commission XI for financial affairs, said here over the weekend.

He said the assets had reportedly been frozen, so that what remained to be done was to make administrative arrangements before the funds could be sent back to Indonesia and be paid to the Antaboga investors.

Antaboga has sold security products to the investors through Bank Century. Owned by Robert Tantular, Antaboga is a major shareholder of Bank Century.

So, when the Tantular transferred and deposited Rp11 trillion of the money in several other countries, Bank Century collapsed.

Qosasih said Tantular's step of stealing and stashing the assets was a criminal offense.

"This is clearly a deception committed by Rebert Tantular, former major shareholder of Bank Century, through his security company Antaboga," the politician of the ruling Democrats Party said.(PNA/Antara) LDV/mec


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