Pampangueños want PGMA in Congress in 2010, remind critics they have no right to dictate on their choice

November 28, 2009 2:51 am 

MANILA, Nov. 27 — As the deadline for the submission of certificates of candidacy (COC) loom, questions are rife as to the 2010 plans of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Will she run for a local position? Will she finally heed the overwhelming clamor of the second district of Pampanga for her to be their representative in the Lower House of congress? If so, does she need to resign as President of the country?

For one, the clamor for her to run as congresswoman of Pampanga's second district is real and growing each day.

It reached feverish pitch on Friday when representatives of various sectors of society coming from the towns which comprise the second district of Pampanga – Sasmuan, Guagua, Sta. Rita, Floridablanca, Porac and Lubao, the President’s hometown – mached to Malacañang to make a last minute call and plead her to run as their Representative.

Citing the numerous projects that President Arroyo had personally initiated and implemented in the province, especially in the second district, which had vastly improved their lives, they said they wanted her to be their congresswoman so that she would be able to continue the programs she had started as well as her noble aspirations not only for Pampanga but for the whole nation.

Elizabeth Santiago, a 34-year old Aeta teacher of Sapang Uwak Elementary School in the remote part in the town of Porac, said that their lives in the mountains had greatly progressed with the roads and electrification projects that President Arroyo had implemented.

"Even our children's future were assured with the vast improvements made to our school and the scholarships she had endowed to assure of theirr continuous education," she said.

Butil Partylist member Agapito Guanlao cited the President's concern and accomplishments in agriculture as one reason why farmers of the district are throwing their unstinting support to her.

"We saw firsthand her sincere concern for the farmers as shown by President Arroyo's numerous trips to our province. Her critics slammed the trips as junkets and "pa-pogi points" when in fact she was really seeing to it that her projects are truly being implemented," he said as he enumerated the farm to market roads, irrigation systems, post harvest facilities and distribution of certified seeds among other projects that had benefited the farmers.

For his part, Rodel Casupahan of Nabuklod, Floridablanca said that it was only during the administration of President Arroyo that their village got electricity.

He said other projects implemented by the President include a scholarship program, the construction of water pumps in various parts of the village to provide potable water to its residents and the distribution of land titles among others.

"All these she had visited more than once in the course of their implementation," the former village chieftain said with unabashed admiration.

But if the clamor for her to run is overwhelming, the President's critics, however, do not cease in giving various reasons why she must not run and even challenging her to resign if she indeed run for Congress.

Her lawyer, Atty. Romulo Macalintal, said that she is eligible to run for a congressional seat and that she need not resign as president if she seeks the post.

He argued that only appointed officials, like cabinet secretaries and undersecretaries, are bound to resign should they seek elective office.

Even President Arroyo's critics grudgingly acknowledged the fact that there is no law prohibiting her from seeking any position lower than president.

Even then, they are scoffing at the notion of her running for Congress citing "delicadeza" as their main reason.

But President Arroyo's cabalens (provincemates) are livid with her critics' antics saying that nobody had the right to prevent them from choosing their local leaders.

Jun Panganiban, one of the convenors of the group that marched to Malacañang, said that national politicians opposed to President Arroyo had no right to dictate on them.

"As people of Pampanga, we have the sole prerogative to choose our Representative, and we want President Arroyo to be our congresswoman come 2010," he said. (PNA)



One Response to “Pampangueños want PGMA in Congress in 2010, remind critics they have no right to dictate on their choice”

  1. Carol on December 7th, 2009 2:15 pm

    PGMA is eligible to run for a congressional seat , it is but the right of every filipino citizen like her to seek for votes, besides it runs through their blood to render services for the good of their countrymen like her father Diosdado Macapagal who was once the President of country too. She need not resign as president if she seeks the post….. she was elected not appointed.