No turning back for Bayani Fernando; to resign from MMDA soon to pursue the presidency

November 17, 2009 3:27 pm 

MANILA, Nov. 17 — Standing firm on his political plans, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Bayani “BF” Fernando will resign from the agency the soonest possible time to pursue the presidency.

Fernando, dubbed “Mr. Political Will” for his exemplary and no non-sense administrative and leadership skills, said he will resign from the MMDA to ensure that its programs are on track.

“There is no turning back. Definitely I’m resigning soon para ‘di mapagkamalan ang aking susunod na hakbang o desisyon (so it cannot affect my decisions),” the MMDA chief said, referring to his political game plan.

Fernando said he may run as an independent candidate, he announced anew that he will be running for president even without the support of his party Lakas-Kampi Christian Muslim Democrats (CMD).

“I am dead serious about running for the presidency. I will run even without party’s endorsement,” he stressed, adding that he would not settle for anything less.

“Tuloy na tuloy na. Desidido, pursigido, derecho (It’s a go. I’m decided and will not back down),” Fernando said, adding that the Philippines would become a better country under a president of discipline.

The only presidential aspirant that has an undisputable track record in governance, first starting off as mayor of Marikina in 1992, Fernando said he has a nationwide-based organization of people who believe that the country needs a leader with a political will.

“The presidency is all about governance so what we need is someone with executive abilities, especially someone who is an engineer since governance is about engineering,” Fernando, a civil engineer by profession, pointed out.

Internationally acclaimed for turning Marikina into one of the country’s model communities, Fernando said he can tackle the problems besetting the country.

“If I can manage Metro Manila and transform it, I can also manage the country,” he said.

Addressing the popularity factor in the political arena, Fernando said the country cannot progress through popularity, sympathy and emotions.

“The people must start doing away with what is popular in choosing their leaders to get the country out of the hell hole,” he stressed.

“We have to elect a president who will know what to do on Day One,” Mr. Political Will added.

Given a chance, Fernando said that he can do to the country what he did in Marikina city, which was restored back to normal after just 30 days of cleanup operations by the MMDA.

Fernando indeed sees no hindrance on his bid for the presidency. It’s for the people to elect someone who has political will, he said.

The MMDA chair said that the agency under his leadership has gained adequate experience in handling flood cleanups as they have helped out in the post-flood restoration in Bicol, Iloilo, and Kalibo, Aklan, among other areas.

Fernando said that his clear leadership in the cleanup and restoration operations of flooded areas is just an example of what he can do if elected as president. He said he was glad to have led in showing that every challenge can be overcome, just as long as the people don’t lose hope.

Fernando said he will base his platform on political will.

“Yan ay hindi pangako, kundi matagal ko nang ginagawa, ang tumulong sa bayan (That is not a promise, that is something I have been doing a long time ago)," he said. “Ang iba kailangan pa nilang ipakita, ipangako, ako ginagawa ko (Others still have to prove their worth, or make promises, while I walk my talk),” he added. (PNA)



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