France hails Czech approval of Lisbon Treaty

November 3, 2009 9:36 pm 

PARIS, Nov. 4 — French President Nicolas Sarkozy Tuesday expressed "great satisfaction" over Czech's long-awaited approval of Lisbon Treaty.

"The signature, marking the procedure conclusion among the 27 members (of European Union), guarantees the Treaty to go into effect on December 1st," a statement released by the Elysee Palace said.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus signed the Lisbon Treaty hours after the country's top court ruled the accord was in line with the country's constitution, ending the last blockade in the reformed treaty's way to be law.

"It's a great news for all Europeans and particularly for France," the statement said, adding that the European Union from now on can be equipped with a new institution which is necessary for it to function efficiently and fully prepare for the 21st century.

At last week's summit, the EU leaders agreed on an opt-out from the parts of the treaty, demanded by Czech. (PNA/Xinhua) ALM


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