Indonesian police foil attempt to smuggle Afghans, Iranians to Australia

October 28, 2009 11:55 pm 

Surabaya, Oct. 29 – Indonesian police uncovered plans to smuggle 92 illegal immigrants from Afghanistan and Iran to Australia.

"The police arrested the suspects while they were passing the Surabaya-Gresik road in Manyar," the chief of the general crimes of the East Java regional police command, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Anom Wibowo said here on Wednesday.

He said the police had arrested three suspected smugglers known by their initials as Set, Ans and Roh and also three illegal immigrants from Iran, namely Mohammad Younoes, Mohammad Reza bin Ishaq Ali and Ishaq bin Khoda Nazaq.

"The suspects along with the immigrants were taken to Jakarta for further investigation. The Australian Federal Police have paid special attention to it by sending AFP personnel to East Java," he said.

operation followed up the results of observation by the national police`s special task force following information that two busloads of illegal immigrants from Iran and Afghanistan would leave from a house in Puncak, Bogor, West Java.

"On Saturday night (Oct 24) the group left Puncak for Surabaya. They plan to go to Australia using a fisherman`s boat from Bangkalan," he said.

The two buses to be used for carrying the immigrants have plate numbers AA-1710-AA and AS-1356-Ca and they were led by a car driven by the suspects.

joint police forces then stopped them on Jalan Raya Manyar early on Monday (Oct 26) but one of the buses full of immigrants fled but it could be stopped in Bungah area.

ones held by the police could be considered the actors in view of the criminal elements of their case," he said.

He said the four suspects could be considered helping facilitate the smuggling moreover they only received payments for giving their service.

"Several materials for evidence confiscated by the police include a Kijang van with a plate number B-2245-UY, seven handphones belonging to the suspects and cash money totalling Rp16 million believably collected from the immigrants. (PNA/Antara)



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