French police breaks network of counterfeit currency

October 26, 2009 10:38 pm 

PARIS, Oct. 27 — A network making counterfeit Algerian Dinar banknotes has been eradicated after 12 people were arrested, the French police announced on Monday.

The fake note makers were arrested separately in south French cities of Lyon, Marseilles and the capital Paris since police started a massive raid on Oct. 21, according to local media, which described the achievement as the biggest haul of fake banknotes by French police in 10 years.

Twelve major suspects, at the age between 30 to 60, have been trialed Sunday in Lyon, where the network set its nest. If they were convicted of organized crime and producing counterfeit banknotes, 30 years' prison life will wait for them.

According to Lyon police officers' explanation, the fake Algerian Dinars are produced by a printing press from Algerian Central Bank, which was stolen in 2006, thus the counterfeit notes are of much high simulation.

The serious consequence is though the 12 people were jailed, they have already used at least 200,000 banknotes of 1,000 dinars, or nearly 2 million Euros (2.97 million U.S. dollars), a judicial police underlined. (PNA/Xinhua)



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