Syria condemns terrorist bombing in Baghdad

October 25, 2009 10:43 pm 

DAMASCUS, Oct. 26 — The Syrian Foreign Ministry on Sunday issued a statement to condemn the twin truck bombings in central Baghdad on Sunday morning, during which killed over 130 people and injured some 500 others.

"Syria strongly condemns this terrorist action, claiming the lives of many innocent citizens and causing heavy financial and human losses," the statement said.

The statement also denounced the bombings against "all moral and human values," affirming Syria firmly rejects and renounces all forms of terrorism.

Syria offered condolences over the victims, stressing support to the people of Iraq in the face of such criminal acts, according to the statement.

A twin suicide truck bombs targeting two government buildings killed and wounded more than 600 people in central Baghdad on Sunday, according to media reports.

Relations between Iraq and Syria has deteriorated after Baghdad alleged that Damascus is sheltering suspects linked to a massive bombing, targeting government ministries in Baghdad on August 19 and claiming casualties of nearly 1,300 people. However, Damascus said it wanted evidence from Baghdad. (PNA/Xinhua)



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