U.S. prods Iran to take action on low enriched uranium

October 21, 2009 10:19 pm 

WASHINGTON, Oct. 22 — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton said here on Wednesday that Iran must take action immediately on low enriched uranium.

"Prompt action is needed on implementing the plan to use Iran's own low enriched uranium to refuel the Tehran research reactor which is used to produce medical isotopes," Clinton said in a policy address to the United States Institutes of Peace.

Clinton also expressed American willingness to engage Iran on condition that the latter takes action to give up its disputed nuclear program, which was alleged by Western countries to aim at making nuclear weapons.

"If Iran is serious about taking practical steps to address the international community's deep concerns about its nuclear program, we will continue to engage, both multilaterally and bilaterally, to discuss the full range of issues that have divided Iran and the United States for too long," Clinton said.

"The door is open to a better future for Iran, but the process of engagement cannot be open-ended. We are not prepared to talk just for the sake of talking," she added.

Clinton made the remarks after the three-day nuclear-fuel talks held in Vienna among the United States, Russia, France and Iran concluded without a final agreement.

Despite its participation in the nuclear talks, Iran has made it clear that it would not give up its uranium enrichment activities. (PNA/Xinhua)



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