Army condemns killing of Lumads by terrorists

October 13, 2009 9:35 pm 

CAMP APOLINARIO, Panacan, Davao City, Oct. 14 -– The army hierarchy condemned to the strongest terms possible the killing of our Lumad brothers by local terrorists (NPA) in their pursue of massive orchestrated oppression of the masses particularly the indigenous peoples of Davao region and nearby areas.

The series of murder perpetrated by the harbinger of disaster reflects the malevolent intent of this group to sow terror in the midst of every community in order to make the people blindly bow to their oppressive power.

"We commiserate with the families and love ones of the numerous innocent victims of these terrorists and pray that the wheel of true justice grind albeit slowly in favor of the mass number of people they have wrongfully and feloniously killed without the benefit of due process. "Without any doubt, the people will clearly see the many instances of abuses and atrocities perpetrated by the self proclaimed protectors of the masses who in truth are wolves masking in sheep’s skin and systematically deceiving the people particularly the urban poor, rural folks and the youth who they see as lifeblood of their large scale extortion syndicate guised in a revolutionary peoples’ struggle."

The latest of these extra judicial killings include Datu Amora Dagsil of Paquibato who was murdered by the terrorists’ death squad last Sept 26, 2009. On Oct 7, NPA bandits, bereft of any valid ground, abducted and killed Datu Intoy Baguio and the lifeless body of the 71-year old Matigsalog leader was found in a ravine in Brgy Callawa, Buhangin District in Davao City a day after.

"Who will not be outraged by the killing of the Tulang Brothers? The elder Tulang, Joesyl was shot on the head while his two siblings, Camilo and Agustin died like chickens as their throat were slit by these terrorists. Their lifeless body bore signs of torture."

"Who can forget the brutal death of Mayor Jose Asi-ay Libayao of Talaingod, Davao del Norte? The mayor was only trying to serve his people and yet he was not spared. Who will not be shocked by the inhuman massacre in Sitio Rano Brgy Binaton, Digos, Davao del Sur in June 25, 1989 where NPA terrorists mercilessly murdered 39 Tagabawa members inside a UCCP church?"

Two months ago, Datu Leling Andresan, a Mandaya tribesman in Monkayo town in Compostela Valley Province was murdered by communist terrorists protecting illegal loggers. His relative, Datu Pascual was also killed by the same group in 2004. Lately, two more of his relatives, Datu Rodolfo Andresan and Datu Jerson Buntas Nadela were threatened by the NPA bandits.

"We abhor any form of criminality in a civilized world such as ours more so such brutality only the devil is capable of. We are a nation known for our sensitivity and respect to others whatever the creed, belief and religion of people around us.

"These senseless killings do not show the character of the Filipinos but rather reflect an irrational state of mind of the leaders of this murderous group who have killed and violated the rights of many individuals and publicly admitted to have carried out the killings in view of what they claim as revolutionary justice. A justice system where they are the prosecutor, the judge and the executioner rolled into one! Clearly, our people will not see any sense of justice and cannot expect one in such a mockery.

"We appeal for sobriety as we pursue legal remedies in order for the perpetrators of such heinous crimes face the bar of justice and serve their sentence in the most humane way possible. We call on all human rights advocates, Lumad rights, women’s groups and child rights activists to condemn these killings and help authorities in bringing them into the folds of the law by touching their conscience."

Towards this end, the Army hierarchy said, "your soldiers will stand guard and genuinely serve our people particularly our Lumad brothers in whatever way possible. We will always abide by our mandate to protect the interest and wellbeing of our countrymen in every place where our service is needed." (PNA)



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