Two US Navy men, Filipino trooper die in Sulu roadside bombing

September 29, 2009 9:46 am 

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Sept. 29 — A roadside bomb explosion have killed two US Navy Seabees and a Philippine Marines soldier while two other Filipino troops were injured in the hinterlands of the island province of Sulu, a military official disclosed Tuesday.

Another explosion rocked the province of Sulu but the official said the two incidents were not related to each other.

Armed Forces spokesman Lt. Col. Romeo Brawner said the roadside explosion took place around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday in the boundary of barangays Luansing and Kagay in Indanan town.

Brawner said the second explosion took place around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday in Kasanyangan, Jolo, the capital of Sulu, which he said were not related to the first incident.

Tuesday’s roadside bombing was the second that targeted members of the US forces since 2002 when the United States of America (USA) deployed troops to the Philippines to help Filipino troops in the anti-terror campaign.

The first was on October 3, 2002 wherein a US soldier died while another was wounded in a bomb explosion in front of an eatery near Camp Gen. Arturo Enrile in barangay Malagutay west of this southern port city.

A Filipino soldier and a civilian were also killed while 23 others were wounded in the October 3, 2002 bombing wherein the bomb was placed in a motorcycle parked in front of the eatery.

Brawner said the slain soldiers were aboard a convoy of vehicles that tripped an improvised bomb fashioned out as a landmine while they were traveling towards the project site of the US forces in barangay Kagay, Indanan.

Brawner disclosed the explosion site was near a military detachment, though he could not give the distance estimate, which serves as the project headquarters of the US forces.

The identities of the slain US and Filipino soldiers as well as the injured troops were not released.

The slain and wounded Filipino troops were serving as security escorts of the US Navy Seabees in traveling from one place to the other in Sulu.

Brawner said the US Navy Seabees are undertaking three infrastructure projects in barangay Kagay, Indanan town.

The projects include the construction of classrooms and an artesian well at Kagay Elementary School and the construction of a road linking barangay Kagay to barangay Langpas.

Brawner said they could not yet ascertain who are responsible in the attack on the US troops as investigation continues.

Brawner said no one was either killed or injured in the second explosion wherein a hand grenade was lobbed by still unidentified person in Kasanyangan, Jolo. (PNA)

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