(METRO NEWS) Mentally deranged man holds hostage his sister for 1 hour

September 20, 2009 11:20 am 

MANILA, Sept. 20 –An alleged mentally unstable man held hostage his 25-year-old sister and threatened to burn their house to stop bid to bring him to a psychiatric treatment facility in Sampaloc, Manila, on Sunday morning.

The hostage ended after Raymond Villaseñor, a resident of 592 Main Street, Sampaloc, Manila, was subdued by operatives of the Manila Police District Special Weapons and Tactics (MPD-SWAT)

His sister, Giselle, was rescued unharmed.

PO2 Mark Anthony Rivera, of the MPD – Station 4, said the knife-wielding suspect, who refused to be brought to National Center for Mental Health (NCMH) in Mandaluyong City, held hostage his sister inside their house at 9 a.m. The hostage drama lasted for an hour.

The suspect got angry upon learning that the medical staff of the psychiatric treatment facility were about to arrive to pick him up.

Villaseñor also threatened to burn their house.

Villaseñor then locked himself along with his sister inside their house as he warned that he would kill her if anyone insisted of barging into the house.

Responding lawmen arrived and asked the suspect to release his sister and to surrender. He refused to yield to authorities by trying to ignite a liquefied petroleum gas tank to burn the house.

The policemen were forced to storm the house through a balcony at the second floor and through the main door. Lawmen overpowered Villaseñor, disarmed him of his knife and arrested him. His sister was eventually rescued.

Police said he was subsequently brought to NCMH. “This is the third time for Villaseñor to be taken to the NCMH,”

Rivera said Villasenor would not be charged because of his mental condition and the refusal of his relatives to file a complaint against him. (PNA)



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