Purported video of tortured Filipina a "hoax", says DFA

August 16, 2009 11:25 am 

By Gloria Jane Baylon

MANILA, Aug. 16 —- The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) this weekend debunked as a “hoax” a video clip showing a woman being tortured to death, and brought to the attention of Philippine authorities because the woman could be a Filipino worker.

A group of self-described concerned Filipinos in the Middle East claim it was being circulated in the internet and pegged the material to their purported concern that the victim may be one of several Filipinos who had escaped a Philippine facility for distressed Filipinos in Jordan.

In raising their concern, the rabble-rousing Migrante International, imputed on the alleged inefficiency and lack of concern of the Philippine embassy in Jordan.

But it turned out that the material was a recycled video news clip of the media giant CNN’s “The Situation Room” shown on December 14, 2007, the DFA said.

“The Philippine Embassy in Amman, Jordan, under Ambassador Justo Torres, has taken steps to determine the authenticity of a YouTube video that recently circulated in the internet and the local media,” DFA said.

"The embassy’s cross-checking with Jordanian authorities 'yielded negative results' (of) a Filipina murdered in the manner depicted in the YouTube clip,” according to DFA.

”The funeral service representative, in particular, reassured that it would have known about the case through contacts at hospitals, morgues and police stations in Jordan.

”The Embassy added that in the 48 hours since the video was publicized in Manila, not one report reached the Embassy that would corroborate the YouTube clip,” the DFA further said.

According to the DFA, the CNN story on that video has no relation with the Philippines, and was a case of a Middle Eastern girl marrying outside her faith and was stoned to death for breaking tribal rules.

The group Migrante is the overseas arm of a coalition of party-lists led by "Bayan Muna," positioning for national positions in the 2010 elections.(PNA)



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