Nograles says filing of ethics case against him premature

August 12, 2009 8:25 am 

By Lilybeth G. Ison

MANILA, Aug. 12 — Speaker Prospero Nograles on Wednesday said the filing of complaint against him for not implementing the decision of the House of Rrepresentatives Electoral Tribunal (HRET) issued December 18, 2008 disqualifying Rep. Dan Fernandez as congressman of the first district of Laguna, is "premature" and "baseless."

"The filing of ethics case is premature and baseless. For one, while the decision of the House Electoral Tribunal disqualifying Rep. Dan Fernandez is final and executory, it has yet to issue a writ of execution. Secondly, the case is still under appeal before the Supreme Court," said Nograles in a text message.

Lawyer Sixto Brilliantes, counsel of petitioner Jesus Vicente, earlier filed a complaint against the Speaker for failure of the latter to execute the HRET decision disqualifying Fernandez as representative of the first district of Laguna on the ground that the congressman lacked the residency requirement of one year as provided under the Constitution.

In his complaint, the petitioner through his counsel, said that he has written the Office of the House Speaker four times "reminding him of his duty to execute the HRET decision."

"All fell on deaf ears," he said.

"The fact, however, remains that Dan Fernandez is now illegally misrepresenting the first district of Laguna, and is depriving the latter of representation in Congress," he added.

Nograles, however, said the disqualification case against Fernandez "is a very serious issue and the House has to be very cautious because we don't want to end up implementing something that can still be reversed by the Supreme Court."

"It is better and more prudent to wait for the Supreme Court before taking any action on Rep. Fernandez's case," he said. (PNA)



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