(Metro Manila) Valenzuela provides mathematics and language proficiency seminars to elementary teachers

August 11, 2009 10:04 pm 

MANILA, Aug. 12 — The Valenzuela government has recently conducted mathematics language and reading proficiency seminars for all of its public school teachers handling the elementary level.

Participating 308 school teachers were briefed on how to improve their teaching skills in the field of reading, language and especially mathematics through the four-pronged approach developed by University of the Philippines (UP) professor Basilisa Manhit.

The philosophical foundations of the four-pronged approach are literature-based, holistic, and places emphasis on the process of knowledge transfer.

This method was used consistently, with excellence results, by educators of the UP Integrated School Kindergarten to Grade II and with the input of the other members of the faculty of the reading education area of the university.

"In this rapidly progressing technological era, competence in mathematics is becoming ever more essential, not as a tool to be able to do arithmetic computations more quickly, but also to understand mathematical concepts applied to reasoning and genuine problem-solving skills. We must better prepare our elementary school teachers, not only in the content of math, but also in the ways they can motivate their students to begin appreciating the subject and its applications. There is an inherent beauty in math that unfortunately stays hidden from most students today because of lack of properly trained Math teachers in our schools," Valenzuela mayor Sherwin Gatchalian stated.

He also said that this training program is the first of its kind provided to city government educators. Trainors from Ateneo de Manila University and Bulacan State University oversaw the three-day training period which took place early this month.

Participants were also re-acquainted with simple grammar and correct pronunciation through various drills and exercises.

They were also briefed on higher order thinking skills, strategies for basic facts developing the concept and associated language of numerical operation, and developed decoding and numerical skills. (PNA) LBV/PFN


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