Mayor orders monitoring and regulation of use of dangerous spillway in Valencia, Negros Oriental

August 6, 2009 9:21 am 

DUMAGUETE CITY, Aug. 6 — Mayor Rodolfo Gonzalez, Jr. of Valencia, Negros Oriental has ordered the close monitoring and regulation of users of the Buayahan spillway in Palinpinon of that town, especially during big floods.

The mayor issued the order after two persons died after they were carried by strong raging flood waters of the Okoy River last July 31.

Mayor Gonzalez said he is scheduled to again visit barangay officials of Palinpinon and Pulantubig in Valencia to discuss specific ways and means to prevent a repeat of the incident.

He said the death of the two victims could have been prevented if they were not allowed to cross the river at the height of heavy flooding.

The mayor said the Okoy River is one of the most dangerous rivers in his town because it has several contributory streams that make the river bigger during heavy rains.

Gonzalez said that he will also recommend putting up an advisory for the public to take the alternate route via Barangay San Antonio-Balili road in nearby Sibulan town.

He admitted though that it cannot be prevented that there would be people who would still try their luck in crossing the river.

Mayor Gonzalez said he would also ask the Valencia police to assign personnel in the area and is hoping that the people would respect the presence of the police.

Palinpino Barangay Captain Raquel Gallofin said the flood victims were members of the so-called “Buayahan boys” who make a living by offering their services for a certain fee to carry motorcycles across the spillway.

Gallofin said they have been repeatedly advised against such activity but unfortunately, they did not heed his warning. (PNA) LAP/jfp/MA


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