Spirit of People Power lives on as Cory supporters cram Roxas Blvd. to witness funeral march

August 5, 2009 9:20 am 

MANILA, Aug. 5 — The spirit of People Power in 1986 continued to live on with thousands of supporters of the late President Cory Aquino endured the rains to witness her funeral procession.

As the funeral march passed by the historic Manila Hotel and the statue of Ninoy Aquino, supporters shouted the names of Cory and waved yellow flags, streamers and banners and some of them made a Laban sign.

Volley of canon fires was heard and the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) vessels in the north and south harbor area in Manila and even some commercial ships blew their ship’s horn as the remains of the late president passed by Roxas Boulevard in Manila on her way to Manila Memorial Park in Sucat, Paranaque City around 12 noon.

There were a lot of yellow balloons in the sky and two choppers that hovered over Roxas Blvd. and showered yellow confetti as the truck carrying the casket of ex-president Aquino passed by.

Concerts were being held with songs Magkaisa, Bayan Ko and other songs played during the 1986 People Power and Heal our Land.

Many supporters from all walks of life expressed joy as they saw the convoy approaching. Some were mesmerized while some shed tears.

It was a sort of festive mood. They shouted the name of Aquino and made Laban sign to show love and gratitude to the late president.

Even floods and heavy rains did not stop the Filipinos from going to Roxas Boulevard to get a final glimpse of the former president’s casket.

As thousands of supporters crowded the stretch of Roxas Boulevard in Manila to witness the funeral procession of Mrs. Aquino and to pay their last respect for her, Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III took his time to stop to deliver a brief message near his father’s statue on Padre Burgos Avenue corner Roxas Blvd. to return the gesture and love of the Filipinos to his mother.

During the funeral procession, the vehicle carrying Senator Aquino and his siblings had to stop at the corner of Roxas Boulevard and Padre Burgos Avenue to return the gesture and love of the Filipinos to the one of the icons of the Philippine democracy.

Senator Aquino, together with Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim, alighted from the vehicle the carrying Aquino family, and climbed to a parked truck to face the mammoth crowd at 12 noon.

He delivered a brief message for a few minutes and thanked the Filipinos before returning to the waiting vehicle as the funeral procession continued.

“Thank you. My father and mother are watching over us," he said.

The senator’s message was interrupted several times with applause and shouts of “Cory, Cory, Cory.”

The convoy left 11:30 a.m. the Manila Cathedral but it has yet to pass by President Quirino Avenue at 2 p.m. because of the mammoth crowd waiting to witness the funeral march.

Thousands of supporters also waited in front of Roxas Sulayman all the way to President Quirino Avenue and Ospital ng Maynila.

Many vehicles from Malate area attempted to join convoy and traffic become worst.

Since Monday afternoon, thousands of supporters and sympathizers braved the rains and extreme heat to sign on the message boards near the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros, Manila to show gratitude, love and praises for the late President Corazon C. Aquino.

Just an hour after the remains of Aquino arrived at the cathedral, some supporters of Aquino set up huge message boards at the parking lot near the cathedral for the Filipinos and foreigners who want to sign on the message boards. (PNA)



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