Skating champions Venzon and Dikki to Nebelhom,Germany

July 21, 2009 12:47 am 

skating-11-finalThe 2009 Philippine Figure Skating Championships attracted the country’s finest homegrown and overseas figure skaters at the International Skating Rink to vie for the honor of representing the country at the 2009 Nebelhom Trophy in Oberstdorf,Germany this September. With the competitors are the judges sitting at the head table from left, Tzek-Chin Lee(Taiwan),Hidon Sugita(Japan),Pocholo Veguillas, secretary gneral and consultant of the Philippine Skating Union(PSU), PSU president Eng.Ric Camaligan, Joyce Burden(USA)and Majja Bracen(USA).Standing behind is Mericien Venzon(9th from right, the champion of Senior ladies long and short program, Gracielle Jean Tan (5ft from right), second placer and John Martinez Dikki (extreme right kneeling 2nd row),Senior men’s winner.(PNA photo by Boy Antonio)


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