Ex-Japan Coast Guard Vice Admiral Ishima arrives Wednesday

June 16, 2009 10:53 am 

MANILA, June 17 –As part of the efforts to cover a wide a range of development projects that include the formulation of plans and programs on the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) education system and faculty system, a retired Japan Coast Guard official will arrive tomorrow, Wednesday to share his expertise.

Coast Guard commandant Admiral Wilfredo D Tamayo said the presence of retired Vice Admiral Toshitaka Ishima of Japan Coast Guard further strengthened the cooperation between the PCG and the Japan Coast Guard, particularly in the area of systems development for the human resource management.

Ishima is the newly appointed Chief Advisor for the JICA-PCG Human Resource Management System Development (HRMSD) Project.

The PCG-JICA HRMSD project aims to further identify and improve necessary and feasible areas in the system of the organization

Ishima graduated from the Japan Coast Guard Academy in 1974. Prior to his appointment, he was the Administrative Inspector General of Japan Coast Guard. He is a notable licensed Second Grade Marine Officer and an expert on Maritime Safety. He also served as the Commanding Officer of the KOJIMA Training Vessel during its visit to the Philippines in 2004.

An arrival honor will be rendered on Ishima by the PCG Honor Battalion at the Headquarters PCG at 1:30 p.m Wednesday (June 17, 2009).

Ishima replaced retired Japan Coast Guard Vice Admiral Kozo Tanaka who had completed his term early this year.(PNA)



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