PGMA reaffirms there will be elections in 2010

May 28, 2009 1:25 pm 

MANILA, May 28 –- President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on Thursday broke her silence against critics and doubting Thomases who say there will be no 2010 National Elections.

“Cynics and detractors love to paint grim scenarios about the cancellation of the 2010 elections. Let this merger of Lakas and Kampi be tangible proof of the administration’s readiness, nay determination, to help ensure the elections will push through,” the President said during a gathering at the historic Manila Hotel.

In her speech during the joint meeting of the Lakas-CMD national directorate and Kampi national council at the Manila Hotel this morning, the President said the emergence of Lakas-Kampi-CMD as “one party is our finest weapon and best guarantee for success in the 2010 elections. “

With their merger, Lakas-Kampi is “moving as one, fighting as one as the instrument and vehicle for electing the best, the most qualified and the worthiest leaders of our country.”

As this developed, Lakas-Kampi leaders passed Joint Resolution number number 4 which abides by and support the party’s choice and selection of national candidates to lead the party to victory in 2010 national and local elections.

The synchronized national and local elections is set on the second Monday of May 2010, in which Lakas Kampi CMD candidates will field a complete slate of national and local candidates.

She challenged the party members to strive for victory not just for the party but also for the entire nation and democracy. “Let us achieve victory in the context and manner of clean and credible elections worthy of Filipinos’ democratic traditions. After all, electoral reforms, especially automation are priority items in our administration’s 10-point agenda,” she stressed.

“Let us win not because we are powerful. Let us win because we are united. And ours is a program of performance and unity for the good of our people,” the President said.

At the launch of the merged party which was attended by hundreds of city mayors, congressmen and governors from the two political parties, the President walked from table to table shaking hands and exchanging brief notes with those in attendance.

In her well-applauded speech, the President repeated the phrase, “I need you all with me” to underline her message that the Lakas-Kampi-CMD unification should not just be for the purpose of winning the 2010 elections but providing quality service to the people.

She congratulated and thanked the National Consolidation and Unification Committee, headed by Political Affairs Secretary Gabriel Claudio, “for making this day happen.”

“Doubting Thomases and there were many, said the merger between the two biggest political parties would not come to pass. The road to this merger has neither been short nor easy,” the President said.

But we had made a great leap of faith and statesmanship today. Some of you with a certain degree of trepidation, tolerance and sacrifice… for your willingness to rise above boundaries to do what is right not only for the administration’s political cause but also for the nation maraming salamat,” the President said.

She described the merger of the two administration political parties as an ingredient to political harmony not only within the administration coalition but throughout the country.

“The call for national harmony and political civility must emanate from those who constitute the political majority and it must take root first in our backyard. Indeed our merged party is great enough to provide a critical mass and a veritable momentum towards national unity and solidarity,” the President said. (PNA) V3/JCA


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